100+ vegan eats in NY

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Toad style BK

Have a delicious taste of their 100% scratch made vegan food that is soy free, palm oil free, and non GMO. Indulge in their wide variety of choices such as the Cashew cheese, Jackfruit sandwich, and their famous Cheese fries without the guilt. Vegan or not, Toad style promises to deliver the quality and healthy service it consistently gives to customers.

Screamers Pizzeria

Screamer’s pizza is a surefire choice for all pizza lovers out there craving for a hearty and scrumptious chewy cheese topped with your favorite ingredients combined with the crisp and slowly but light charred bottom to satisfy your vegan pizza needs. The perfect blend of the finest ingredients coming together perfectly is Screamer’s pizzeria’s way to make sure you get the best service you deserve making each visit worth it.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria @vinniesbrooklyn

Is Gluten free pizza what you’re looking for? Say no more because Vinnie’s Pizzeria is here to deliver your every need. They offer crunchy pizza crust with guilt free ingredients to a variety of inventive flavors that is sure to make you come back and have a different experience with each visit.

Paulie Gee’s @pauliegee123

Paulie Gee is home to one of the best vegan pizza dishes ever created, the hellboy pizza. It’s topped with various and unique ingredients which make the dish live up to its hype. Along with this are our friendly service staffs that will make your visit comfortable and gives the sense of welcome. Also, with many pies to choose from, you’re sure to crave and come back for more.

Greedi Vegan @greedivegan

The founder of this vegan restaurant, Latisha, made it possible for this establishment to rise because of her passion in food and making it healthy as possible. Being raised as a vegan, she sought out inspirations and experiences in her global culinary experiences to bring to customers Vegan food that is just as diverse and tasty as food created for a carnivorous palate.

Buntopia @buntopia_ny

Chill vibes, peaceful ambiance, flawless design, unique and delicious food,
these are all just the tip of the iceberg at Buntopia. Witness as this place offer you varying fusion of cuisines where bun and noodle blend to Italian or Mex cuisine. We carefully select ingredients to serve you low calories and vegan choices as an alternative ingredient for your health and peace of mind.

Sans @sansbk

In the fine line between light and flavorful meals and rich yet decadent pastries, Sans has hit the mark for mastering each type of meal for customers to enjoy. Our menu offers plenty of options to choose from cheesy, flaky, lasagna flatbread to blueberry ricotta pancakes. We also have a warm and hospitable service staff to make sure you have the most wonderful experience dining with us.

Fermento – caffe’, vino, cucina

Who doesn’t want a great go-to Breakfast & brunch joint especially for vegans out there? Good thing Fermento knows how to hit the spot with their on point menu ranging from pastries and breakfast sandwiches such as sunflower brine panini done right to Italian dish cuisine for dinner alternatives that is sure to attract not only vegans but also to people with carnivorous palate.

Amituofo Vegan Cuisine

Amituofo Vegan Cuisine is the newest addition to vegan dining restaurants. We claim to be the restaurant devoted to everything that will satisfy your palate may it be vegan or not. We aim to share our passion for a healthy lifestyle by offering foods free from animal ingredients. With this in mind, we take up the challenge to convert non-vegans one plate at a time whether it be a hearty meal or a decadent bite of dessert matched with a vegan-friendly beverage. It is our mission to make vegan food taste just as better or maybe even more than carnivorous dishes.

Longevity Foods

Longevity foods is more than just promoting a healthy lifestyle. We also bring to the table our passion for preparing good, nutritious, and delicious food with you. Our collaborative efforts with local farms such as Okanogan and Sweet Harvest ensure our fresh, bountiful harvest, and seasonal food at the peak of its nutrition and flavor. Our smoothies are made w/o artificial flavorings and flavor enhancers and you can be sure that all of it are made from scratch in our kitchen. We employ different processes to our ingredients such as soaking the nuts and seeds at low temperatures. This process reduces the fat content while increasing protein content making them lower in calories.

Four Seasons Juice Bar

Our company is a dedicated restaurant in its mission to provide people with a healthy yet delicious beverage for them to enjoy. We make sure that our juices and smoothies are made with high quality ingredients, with the option to mix and match those ingredients to create a flavorful and wonderful experience with each sip.

The Butcher’s Daughter

Heather Tierney, the owner and founder of The Butcher’s Daughter is a passionate artist for all things healthy. She is the designer of every interior of this restaurant’s branches. Along with her team, they will ensure that you not only have the ambiance of an earthy atmosphere but also experience food made with the finest techniques learned through rigorous culinary experiences employed by each professional chef.

Veggies Natural Juice Bar

Deciding to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in your daily regimen is an easy feat, but being committed and consistent is where it gets harder. Here in Veggies Natural Juice bar, we will help you achieve that goal for a longer and healthier life. Our product is easily a favorite and staple item for people looking to be healthy because we offer a wide ranged combinations of fruits and veggies to suit your need made with freshly delivered ingredients to ensure you get all the nutrition and less of the guilt.

Punchline Juice Bar

We make our food right for your health, and right straight to your heart. Here at Punchline we offer the best variety of vegan dishes paired with a lively vegan-mixed beverage. Spoil yourself to some of our best tasting dishes like the Vegan burger boss, corn soup, or if you’re feeling light, try our smoothies & juice bar. All of our food are made with gluten free and carefully select nourishing ingredients to match your taste and bodily needs.

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