100+ vegan eats in NY

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Norbert’s Pizza

Can’t stop thinking about pizza? So why not order now at Norbert’s Pizza where our ingredients come together to create a mouthwatering blend of healthy alternatives sure to make you satisfy your pizza needs guiltless. We make sure that our finest ingredients are freshly picked with the purpose of cleansing your mind of your cravings while promoting a healthy body altogether. As Kevin James has said, “There’s no better feeling in this world than a warm pizza box on your lap”.

Ital Kitchen @italkitchenbk

Ital cuisine is the Jamaican way of cooking food naturally which tries to avoid using processed food, additives, oil, salt, and sugar. This inspired our beloved kitchen Chef Michael Gordon to apply his training and experiences in Ital cuisine making our food be created with passion and happiness because, as Chef Gordon always says, “happy food creates happy souls”. Every meal is created with technique and love for food which Chef Gordon is very proud to demonstrate in front of the diners because it is his pleasure to journey diners as to how their food came to be and give them an appreciation of culinary as an art form.

Jungle Café

Jungle Café is a vegan restaurant devoted to wholesome vegetarian food made at a budget friendly cost. By making our employees aware of the delicate preparations of such hearty dishes, we also ensure to use the highest quality of ingredients because we understand the enmeshed elements of food we eat, our environment, and to ourselves. It is with our delight to share to everyone our mission to serve delicious meals in a welcoming atmosphere because in Jungle Café, it is the place where healthy food meets delicious.

Bunna Café

Going to its Gaia roots and providing an earth-like nature environment, Bunna café is known for its Ethiopian cuisine

Bunna café, known for its Ethiopian cuisine, presents an earth-like nature environment which understands the interconnectedness of people’s need to stay grounded. This experience is greatly exemplified by their Ethiopian food that represents a culture of togetherness bringing people together in sharing a communal platter.  Ethiopia sees sharing of food as a sign of respect and love to other people so come and celebrate love with our delicious dishes.

Two Boots Pizza

Two Boots pizza’s Cajun-italian cooking meets pizza is the talk of the town. Come and taste their perfectly cooked crust and slightly charred bottom topped with our finest Italian ingredients that is a people’s favorite which is a thicker than normal pepperoni tied with the gooey mozzarella cheese stretching with every bite you take. They also have healthy options prepared like pizzas topped with fresh basil, black olives, jalapeño, mushroom, roasted pepper, etc. Don’t miss out on what was hailed by Time Out New York as “not just a restaurant but a genuine NYC constitution”.  


Cuisines originating from the Middle-east brought together the Kubeh with them inspiring our chef to learn their ways and culture in order to integrate it into what we all know and love as Kubeh’s delicious dishes made with the labor of love. Kubeh’s dishes are often prepared on an outer-dough like shell and an inner filling, other times; it’s grounded into a ball or layered like a pie. However, our chef’s forte focuses more on the boiled version served in a broth made with the finest ingredients and many gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options.

Tea NJ

Who doesn’t love a good sip of coffee? That warm touch to your lips, Taste of the caffeine that hits your soul, and texture that captivates the eyes. Stirring the coffee reveals its ability to excite people’s palate as you inhale the earthy aroma of the freshly brewed coffee beans. We also offer you a variety of pastries to match the delightful experience of drinking your favorite beverage turning your mornings to a great start.

Ginger Root Vegan @gingerrootvegan

Excellent vegan restaurant and a hearty meal served with labor of love are one of the main missions our restaurant aims to give. We give you a clean and healthy elegant mix of vegetables from our freshest selection of ingredients without sacrificing the deliciousness but give you all of the nutrition your body needs.  Our menu options are suitable for every meal of the day that’s also a sure bang for your buck.

Pure Ktchn

Our pledge to the community as a dedicated vegan restaurant is to serve them the purest and nutritious whole food. Without all of those frying, added sugar, and salt, we ensure that our dish not only preserves its own integrity but also understand your bodily needs for a devoted healthy lifestyle. Our chef takes pride in preparing any meal served with only using the highest quality of ingredients and organic superfoods available that is 100% pure and organic from Mother Earth. As our growing discipline as a vegan restaurant, we strive to improve each day and bring our passion for food everywhere it is needed.

LuAnne’s Wild Ginger

LuAnne’s Wild Ginger is a vegan restaurant hailed as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the whole NYC. This reputation is not without the delicious dishes we serve like pad thais, veggie stir-fried noodles and other platters furnished with a healthy twist making it more of a lifestyle decision and not a restricted diet denying yourself one of the greatest pleasures of life, delicious food. So if you’re looking to have your fake meat fix, then LuAnne’s Wild Ginger is the place for you.

Sun in Bloom @suninbloom

Sun in Bloom opened its doors because of Chef Aimee’s realization between food and happiness, an idea that drove on to become a reality set out to share with the world its clean and appetizing wholesome living foods packed with nourishing ingredients free from gluten. The cleansing capability of our dishes are not only bound to your body but can also change the course of your life to feel inspired and get into action to live everyday making it a passionate driven life.

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