15 minute workout guide you will love by a professional trainer, Drew Spencer

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15 Minute Workout guide with Drew Spencer


Who is Drew Spencer?


                       Here is a 32 year old kickboxing instructor and a ACE certified personal trainer, Drew Spencer, training  6 days a week in a number of different modalities; HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Olympic lifting and plyometrics and lately martial arts.  Other than being a fitness junkie, he recently found interest  in healthy diets to help him feel better and stronger.



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-Drew Spencer


Drew Spencer does a 15 a minute calisthenic cardio kickboxing workout that would truly get your blood pumping.



The Workout

                            It starts off with 30 reps of squats, you get into this position where you kind of sit in a chair and really push those hips back, rise up and pump your chest out.


                           After doing about 30 reps of squats, it’s followed by another set (30) of lunges. You take 1 step back and put the knees down. The knees need to do about a 90-degree angle, then do the same procedure for the other leg. All the while, being mindful that the chest should be straight out. This actually helps in your balance.


                            Next is 30 reps of push-ups. The key to having an effective push up is to keep the elbows as close to the chest as possible. When we do the motion of pushing up the arms must be fully stretched. After 15 reps of those, we transition to diamond push-ups, where we pretty much form a diamond with our fingers using our two thumbs and both index fingers. This is where it gets a little intense as we need to make sure that our chest touches our hands. So, another 15 of those, should really make us start to feel all pumped up!


                           Then we go into the side to side crunches, get into a sitting position, cross the ankles, lift the knees up and make sure the heels are not touching the floor. Once in that position, we need to twist our upper body from side to side with both arms following the direction of the body. We should do about 15 reps for each side.


                             Up next are reverse crunches, the same sitting position is required with the ankles parallel with each other, then we can start to pump up those knees to the chest. This works out the lower abs area, which everybody wants.

Now, we lay back and start doing flutter kicks. It’s pretty much swinging both legs up and down alternately while keeping the knees straight and the shoulders up. The same 15 reps for each leg apply, don’t skip on this one, we all know what they say about leg day!

From there, we can now get into a cardio workout through calisthenic shadow boxing. There are no specifics for this part of the work out, so we can be creative on this one. You can do the usual jabs, hooks, front kicks, side kicks and my personal favorite the super man punch. The key to this part of the work out is to make sure that the whole body is moving, keep all the muscles engaged through your foot work.


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Additional credits:

Camera work by: Ernesto Perez @kingpin.music

Video edit by: Krystal Manrique @ckstudiosph

Special Thanks to : Drew Spencer @preparing.for.greatness

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