Healthy reasons why you should not be afraid of Cacao Powder

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                                Right off the bat, when we hear of cacao, first thing that comes to mind is chocolate. That sweet and bitter nectar of the gods. But you cannot  skip the thought of how much sugar and calories you are putting in your body.


                             Cacao actually has an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop its taste. Now, The question that begs to be answered, what are the benefits of cacao? There are 2 chemicals present in cacao, Phenethylamine (pronounced as fen – ethil – amin) and serotonin. Let’s talk about Phenethylamine  first. It’s an organic compound present in cacao that stimulates our central nervous system. Before, we get to feel the wonderful effect of this natural amino acid, it needs to go through a chemical change through microbial fermentation. This compound, not only excites our nervous system, it also contributes to weight loss, enhances our mood and a lot of other therapeutic benefits. Another chemical is Serotonin. Serotonin is actually found in the nervous system, it is released by the body during agitation. Serotonin has been popularly known to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.


How does it help in your workout and weight loss?




                    Cacao powder is actually 40% protein, so benefits for muscle mass is a check and of course what we have been talking about from the very beginning, it boosts our mood. When we consume cacao powder, the flavanols  enhances our metabolism and improves your body’s ability to metabolize fat and use it as energy. The presence of neurochemical phenethylamine actually helps enhance feelings of satisfaction and promote aphrodisiac effects simultaneously. So, all in all you get the proteins that you need and you get pumped up to do your routine and more.

Here’s an issue though, it would look a bit insensitive to snack on a pack of chocolates while doing or after doing your work out. With all the incredibly unhealthy additives that giant manufacturers put into chocolates the good stuff are actually washed away.


Zenergybar Cacao brownie boost for your Metabolism

Good thing there’s this plant based snack that contains cacao powder. So, when I do my routine, I usually carry with me  a pack of Zenergy Bar. This plant-based snack has all its ingredients fair trade, raw, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and kosher certified. Not only is cacao powder found in it, other superfoods are also packed in this amazing plant-based snack. Zenergy bar gets their supply of cacao from the Dominican Republic, Trinitario cacao is a natural hybrid of cacao that was created by cross pollination of the Criollo and Forastero varieties. Criollo has a less potent chocolate flavor but many secondary tasting notes, while Forastero has a full bodied flavor with no secondary tasting notes. Nature combined the best qualities of both, resulting in a high quality cacao with superior flavor. Zenergy Bar also contains brahmin powder, sacha inchi and suma root.


                             All in all, every pack of Zenergy bar is your workout diet, in your pocket. It comes in variety of flavors like cookie dough clarity, peanut butter protein, superfood strength and of course cacao brownie boost to restore and balance your metabolism. This vegan superfood unlike others is actually super delicious. So, it’s a guilt free snack that contributes all in all to your well being and more importantly your peace of mind. Zenergy bar not only focuses on your body’s needs it also targets your mind’s well being. More than our body’s physical needs, our mind’s well being is of the utmost importance. Let’s not forget, that our peace of mind and mindfulness goes a long way in helping us in getting a ripped body, and Zenergy bar enables us to do that and more.

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