Zenergy BarTM Private Wellness Gathering

Zenergy BarTM embraces the notion that a healthy lifestyle produces healthier YOU. Our wellness gatherings are the way of the future and are extremely valuable experiences for large corporations, companies of all sizes, and special celebrations! We strongly believe when you incorporate health and wellness into your life, the results yield healthier, happier you, while increasing pleasure in your day to day life. Our Private Wellness Gatherings cultivates community,  reduces stress, increases energy and improving concentration.

Zenergy Bar™ Wellness Gatherings are  designed to carve out some space and time in your week for you. Make the time to take a deep breathe, stretch out and let go of the working week, socialise, become part of a bigger community and share ideas and thoughts over a delicious feast.

We are dedicated to helping professional individuals improve their lives and meet their work/life balance goals through our personal and customizable Corporate Health and Wellness Program.

Businesses of any sizes can benefit from booking a Private Wellness Gathering

Invest in your most valuable assets some of the rewards are:


  • Stress reduction

  • Reduced Employee Health Insurance Costs

  • Improved happiness and employee morale

  • Increased productivity at work and team building

  • Improving strength and endurance

  • Increasing self-confidence and employee empowerment

  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover

For wholesale orders contact sales@zenergybar.net

Book a Private Gathering

Join the zentourage experience by creating your own unique gathering with our team of Zentourage!

Zenergy Bar partners with the Zentourage to unite our mindful consumers with mindful practices. Each event is curated in indoor or outdoor venues to fully harness the vibes and energy needed for your unique experience. For a multi media guided experience we can offer led headsets with music as an option or curate a special digital art projection show. Email us for more details!