Zenergybar uses Brahmi Powder to help boost your mood.

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                             We at Zenergybar, believe in the power for super food. It’s not like some chemical based artificial compound that might give our future kids 3 eyes but it’s organic and packed. It is a naturally occurring plant that optimizes our health, opens and clarifies your mind, strengthen memory and intellect, support focus and concentration, encourage a balanced emotional state, promote daytime energy and nighttime sleep (goodbye insomnia forever!), support healthy blood cells and promote healthy skin and hair.


What is Brahmi Powder?

                            Brahmi is categorized as a super food, known best for its ability to fight stress and improve memory. Commonly known as water hyssop or herb of grace this creeping perennial contains a lot of antioxidants and proteins. So, Brahmi is actually considered as an adaptogen herb, which helps the body adapt to stress. Studies have shown that Brahmi helps reduce the markers of stress in our brain and normalizes neurotransmitter levels.  Studies have also found that Brahmi lowers levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This means that Brahmi can actually improve our mood.

Brahmi Powder In Zenergybars

                          Now, how exactly does Brahmi help us in our workout? Brahmi helps us in a number of ways, but the most important aspect that Brahmi helps us is that it gives us that energy to start moving. In other words, Brahmi pumps us up! It gives us that push that we need to get things going. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult for us to get a hold of this superfood. Fortunately, for us a Zenergybar is packed with mood boosting ingredients that can get us motivated to move.  Zenergybar is made with unique superfoods that are nutrient rich and considered to be especially beneficial for our health and well-being. It is made with clean ingredients, it is low in sugar, packed with nutrients and is made with integrity. This amazing plant-based snack, is gaining its popularity with vegans and athletes around the globe.


                             Zenergybar is your go-to-snack, when working out. I pretty much carry at least 2 packs everyday and whenever I get crazy cravings I just pop one open and start munching on it. Zenergybar gets its supply of Brahmi from India, Brahmi have a strong affinity for the lymph, blood, nervous tissue, and urinary tract, as well as the circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems. In addition, gotu kola works on the muscle, adipose, and bone tissues whereas bacopa resonates with all of the tissues in the body as well as the channels of elimination. Zenergybar has four amazing flavors, and yeah, you guest it right my favorite is cookie dough clarity. After I discovered Zenergybar, I pretty much ditched every artificial energy drink that I used to have. My body stopped crashing from the sugar rush of these drinks. I just snack on a Zenergybar and it would provide me with energy, mindfulness and motivation I need to push through with my workout.


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