Branden Williams, Trainer proves that you can bulk up with a vegan diet

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                           Let’s face it, everyone wants a toned body. Don’t we just love to show those ripped arms? Well, there are a lot of ways to do that, but very little of us know that being vegan is one of the best ways to have a ripped body.

About Branden Williams

                           Take for example Branden Williams. This 37-year-old from San Diego began being a vegan 3 and a half years ago and in fitness just as long (not an easy feat). Branden’s specialty is strength and conditioning, and of course weight loss. It is very difficult to believe at first, that being vegan could actually result in such great shape!

                            He on the other hand shows everyone else, that all the protein we need can, and will be found in plant-based food. The best thing about Branden being vegan is that he can eat whatever and whenever he wants to (like, don’t we all?). Our body needs all the fuel it can get to sustain all these workouts needed to have an awesome body.


His exercise and diet

                            Branden pretty much works out 7 days a week. His recommended staple workout routines are push-ups, leg raises and mountain climbers. His diet recommendation, involves loading on a lot of carbs like pasta, grains, rice and raw vegetables. 



                            Woah, let’s just back it up a little bit. RAW VEGETABLES. Sounds healthy but nobody wants to be seen walking down the street eating a raw stick of celery or a piece of carrot, right? Being healthy and having a toned body is amazing and all, but not while eating veggies on the go. So, let’s look at something that would allow us to get into Branden Williams’ regime and still look shredded! There’s this product called Zenergy bar, it’s a plant-based snack.


                            Safe to say this is Branden’s diet in your pocket. All the ingredients are fair trade, raw, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and kosher certified. Ok, so what’s in it? Well to name a few, there’s cacao powder, brahmin powder, sacha inchi and suma root. These super foods are very powerful standing alone, what more if they’re all combined together? Trust me, it still tastes amazingly good.

                           So, we addressed the issue of looking great while being on Branden’s diet, but the biggest challenge to all of these is the discipline that we need to achieve a healthy body and more importantly a healthy mind.


                            Admittedly, Branden’s road to being in such a great shape involves a lot of discipline, awareness and mindfulness. We need to be sure that we have the peace of mind to get on that routine and follow Branden’s journey. Being vegan at the end of the day, doesn’t end with us being healthy, it helps the environment more than it helps us.

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