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Eating well, good company along with light exercise and massage are a good combination. Food that is healthy nourishes the body, good company enlivens the senses and light exercise with massage tunes the body. What better way to experience all of these than going to Zenergy Bar Zentourage with the theme “Eat + Stretch Wellness Brunch Gathering”?

Abdominal Massage Therapy

Food is not the only thing that affects the stomach area.  Tension and negative energy can cause the stagnation of the internal organs in the abdominal region. The qi of the body might not be flowing smoothly which causes the internal organs to weaken. In particular, the digestive system is prone to energetic congestion and blockages. Digestive distress is the result of blockages in qi. Manifestations could be irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, gassiness and constipation.  The digestive system is revitalized and detoxified when you work in the abdominal region.



To help relieve obstruction in the body, abdominal massage therapy is recommended which helps transmute the negative energy. Physical manipulation of the abdominal area aids in balancing the energy which affects the function of the meridian system and its flow with the internal organs.  The tissues and organs of the abdominal cavity work best when they are pliable and soft. It is common among the general population to have stiffness in the abdominal region which indicates stagnant energy. Other areas of the body can also be relieved from blockages by relaxing the small and large intestines from the stiffness. Specifically, those areas benefiting as well are the spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, lungs, stomach, and uterus.


More Benefits

When the practitioner works the deep lymph nodes that can be reached as the tissue softens up, detoxification results. The person receiving the massage may have improved emotional wellness due to the improvement of the energetic functionality of the organs. This is because the emotions associated with each organ are released.

Visceral Manipulation, on the other hand, can relieve the patient of improper posture, body dysfunction, and pain. The inner organs are guided to return to normal tonality and range of motion by performing precise forces manually. Health is accessible with the motion is free and relaxed. The risk of harm inflicted upon the body is rare since gentle touch is used.

Anvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy works on the health and positioning of the abdominal and pelvic areas. The healing touch zeroes in on prolapsed uterus in females and prevention and cure of slight prostrate enlargement in males. The end result is the relief of digestive distress. This can help with the function of blood, nerves and lymph though working the internal organs. The will be improvement in elimination along with digestive function. Other improvements can be seen fertility, menstruation, pelvic health and postpartum recovery.


Zentourage Wellness Ambassador

Stephanie Shu will be present to spread good vibes during the gathering.  There will be an improvement in the three Ps – pain, performance and posture.

“Steph offers healing through touch and movement. Experience her chakra-unlocking bodywork session, infusing craniosacral techniques, energy work, and essential oils. She also promotes self-healing through movement and dance. Her true goal is to empower all people to unlock the healing power inside themselves.”

It will be a wonderful, nourishing and healing experience at the event which you wouldn’t want to miss!

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