Shona Richards, Nike ambassador talks about Zenergybars

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About Shona Richards

                            Shona Richards is a two-time silver medalist for 400m hurdles in World Junior Championship from the United Kingdom. She is known best for breaking the British Record for the 400m hurdles. She has accomplished so much at such a young age.


Shona’s Tight Training Schedule

                            Shona, a young athlete follows a training routine and supports it with an amazing diet: Mondays to Fridays she would do a variety of target exercises. These includes, Technical Hurdles Work, hurdle walkovers, Tempo Work and weights. Although, she hasn’t done heavy lifting yet she is on the path to learning how to do it correctly. By the weekends she turns to endurance work like, Fartlek or long hill runs and 45-minute runs. Thursdays are reserved to get some well-deserved rest. Shona targets a different group of muscles for every day of the week. Just like how she likes to target hamstrings and do resistance exercises on Tuesdays. Conditioning is key to her training routine.


                             All in all, she has a pretty tight schedule. This and considering other aspects of her personal life makes scheduling a nightmare. Moreover, planning a well thought off and custom-fit diet takes a lot of time. Diet is essential in maintaining her conditioning as an athlete; and fueling her training on a daily basis. One of the biggest reasons that cause unbalance and stress to athletes is coping with their schedules.


Shona Richards Loves Zenergybars


                            That’s why Shona just loves snacking on this  plant-based snack called Zenergy bar. It suits her lifestyle so well, because not only is she an amazing athlete, Shona is a busy person balancing academics, social life, family and other aspects of her life. Not only is it a quick go-to after her work out, it gives her the on-the-go-ability to do the rest of what she needs to in her daily activities. The plant-based snack as per her review in this video, is absolutely delicious. It’s healthy, conscious, and sweet tooth approved. Zenergy bars has helped Shona in more ways than one could imagine. It’s made with clean ingredients, low in sugar, packed with nutrients & made with integrity.


                           The Zenergy bar was made for people like Shona, it’s made for mindful consumption. She personally loves the CACAO BROWNIE BOOST BAR dedicated for a better metabolism. It was  a good, healthy and guilt-free treat after a workout.






Special Thanks to: Shona Richards @shonarichards

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