How can Suma Root give you the energy you need for a good workout?

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                             Don’t you hate it when your just too exhausted to continue on with your desired workout? Like, how it’s so difficult for you to go through the same routine, when it was not that difficult to do it before? Well, that’s your stamina telling you that you can’t do it. An essential aspect of working out is keeping our strength, energy and stamina at its optimum levels and it is in keeping them at optimum levels, that would keep us going through our routine until we get the desired results of our workout. Another thing that bums me after working out is recovery. Not only should we recover our strength after working out, but recovering is also essential for us to continue with our daily routine.


Benefits of Suma Root


                               Superfoods are nutrient rich and especially beneficial for health and well-being. Suma root, is one of those classified as super food. Suma root has long been used by indigenous cultures throughout South and Central America. Suma root has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal properties. It is considered an adaptogen, a substance that strengthens and protects the body and mind against stress. The natives of South America would consume it daily to increase their physical strength, energy and stamina. It promotes a balance of the hormones and strengthens the adrenal glands. It is a powerful immune system booster. Suma Root has been used by these cultures as a cure for everything like anxiety, fatigue, aphrodisiac, ulcers, stress, reducing pain, boosting physical energy, boosting the immune system and in fact, some even use this to cure erectile dysfunction. Suma Root, is like the “magic pill” of the modern times. Another thing about Suma is that it is an adaptogen, which means it will help the body cope with stress and strengthens our immune system by providing resistance to diseases and various other harmful biological and environmental factors. This means that Suma can restore and balance many biological processes not only in the body also the brain.

                             Another amazing feature by Suma root is that, it helps build up those muscles! So, several studies from around the globe has found out that Ecdysteroids accelerate the rate of muscle growth, improve physical endurance and reduce body fat by about 10% if paired with a high-protein diet. Suma can also be used for healing muscle injuries as well as for treating muscular atrophy.


                             The best thing that I like about Suma root, is its capacity to boost physical energy! This is most special to athletes involved in high-intensity regimens. Don’t be mistaken Suma root is not a stimulant, but rather because of its rich nutritional profile, it enhances physical energy. Since suma has a lot of different electrolytes, essential amino acids and minerals, it helps restore many lost essential compounds through sweating and physical exertion. In other words, because of Suma root’s rich vitamin content it can and will provide our body’s metabolic building blocks.


Suma Root in Zenergybar

                              There are just so many benefits that Suma root can give the body, its benefits are endless. Zenergybar reached out to  the farms of South America and to enhance their products with this energy boosting Suma Root . This is a plant-based snack that was designed mindfully. There’s no added sugar in any of the products and all the ingredients are fair trade, raw, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher certified. One of the best flavored, healthy snacks out there! And my favorite is Super Food strength, it is packed with Suma root and almonds. This amazing treat is a health buff’s diet in your pocket.  Imagine, getting all the benefits of Suma root and other superfoods just within your reach and on the go!

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