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Zenergy bar is not just about creating healthy plant-based snacks for all lifestyles, we do our social good in ensure that the ingredients used are sourced ethically, impacts the growers’ communities positively, and always making sure that no environmental harm is done in the creation.

One organically farmed company we’ve partnered with is Palm Done Right. There was once much debate over the harvesting of palm oil, however, this organization formed to ensure it’s done right this time. Palm oil is a great substitute Zenergy uses in place of fatty oils or dairy-based butter. Palm Done Right’s mission is to help the communities in which the palms are grown. For them, it’s not just donating money to the surrounding poor villages, they actually invest in building/staffing medical units, implementing nutritional education, establishing sources of fresh potable water, and many others. Zenergy is proud to stand by them and their mission of uplifting communities.

Another partnership we’re proud to be apart of is with Vegan Republic. 100% of the proceeds from their plant-based ingredients goes to Animal Place. Vegan Republic curates tons of independently owned plant-based treats from sweet to savory. You’d be happy to know that all the money you spend on these snacks go to animal sanctuaries in Northern California. The animals arriving here are saved from a destiny of slaughterhouses. These farm animals are treated to a life of safe, healthy living.

A fair-trade organization that we get our vanilla from is Lochhead. This organic farm uses sustainable harvesting methods to ensure no harm to the environment is caused. They have also started The VanWell Project which is a local water initiative in Madagascar to help their farmer’s community and living conditions.

This next company is so socially conscious, you’ll want to date them! Woodspur Farms not only cares about their farmers, they are committed to sustainable farming. No GMOs are used in the farming of their dates which saves more water. They use drip irrigation on all their crops for better water management.

Lastly, another organization we proudly do business with is Food Empowerment Project. This organization, founded by women of color,  promotes plant-based diets through education, outreach, and providing the tools to get started. They want to help provide access to healthy food in low-income communities throughout America. The cherry on top of their goals is also advocating for farm workers’ rights and helping farm workers’ families with food drives.

Zenergy wants the very best for our customers, workers, and providers. You can be ensured whenever you bite into our bars, you’re actually doing social goods.

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