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So You’ve Heard About The Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet. Perhaps You’ve Seen One Of The Compelling Documentaries Out There Or Read One Of The Compelling Books. More Likely Than Not, You’ve Known Someone Who Has Done Well By Their Own Health By Improving Their Nutrition. And Now You Want To Learn How You Too Can Be Healthier By Eating A More Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet?

ZENERGYBARS Product Line Of Plant-Based Snack Bars Is Packed With Whole Food Nutrition And Optimal Vitamins, Nutrients And Minerals. Mixing Quality Ingredients Like Nuts, Fruits And Unique Superfoods From Ethically Sourced Suppliers Is How We Create A Healthy Snack For You! Let’s Take A Look Into The ZENERGYBAR Plant-Based Snack Bar Product Line, As The Name Suggests Superfood Strength Incorporates Suma Root Powder, A Powerful Natural Antioxidant Which Could Stimulate The Immune System And May Act As An Oxygenator At The Cellular Level. May Promote Muscle Growth And Is Packed With Amino Acids.

Cacao Brownie Boost Is Packed With Antioxidants From The Pure Cacao Powder And Is A Super-Rich Source Of Magnesium Which May Help Our Metabolism By Reducing The Negative Impact Of Stress On Our Bodies. Cacao Keeps Our Cortisol Levels In Check And Our Digestive Systems Working Great!

Peanut Butter Protein Bar Utilizes Sacha Inchi Powder Which Is High In Vitamins, Minerals And Proteins That Stimulate The Immune System, Lower Cholesterol, Relieve Stress And Promote Healing. Perhaps The Most Interesting Of All The Sacha Inchi Products Is The Protein Powder That Remains After Pressing The Seeds Of Their Oil. This Powder Is Toasted Lightly (This Is Essential Since The Raw Seed Is Inedible) Then Milled And Sieved. Protein – Containing All The Essential Amino Acids, Sacha Inchi Is A Complete Protein. It Is Unique Among The Vegetable Proteins; Often Producers Combine Pea And Rice To Achieve An Essential Amino Acid Profile Similar To Sacha Inchi. Protein Digestibility – What Really Matters With Protein Along With Its Profile Is Its Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS). Scoring Just Below Native Whey Protein Isolate At 1, Sacha Inchi Scores A 0.9. In Comparison Pea Protein Is 0.73 And Rice Protein Is 0.47. Sacha Inchi’s Excellent Digestibility Is Thanks To Its Healthy Fat Content Which Allows Assists The Body In Absorbing The Protein. Protein & Omega 3 – Along With A Being A Complete Protein Sacha Inchi Is Extremely High In Omega-3, With Around 50% Of The Fat In The Seeds Being Of This Kind.

Cookie Dough Clarity As The Name Implies Uses Brahmi Powder An Ayurveda Herb Known For Promoting Optimal Brain Function And Mind-Enhancing Properties.

Let’s Explore Some Of The Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet For Your Health.

In Countries And Cultures Where The Majority Of People Eat A Plant-Based Diet, The Rates Of Chronic Disease Such As Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, And Heart Disease Are Extremely Low. For Individuals Who Already Have Diabetes Or Heart Disease Or Are Obese, Switching To A Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet Can Help Them Reverse Or Even Rid Themselves Of These Diseases.

Fruits And Vegetables House A Slew Of Vitamins Such As A, C, E, And K. They Also Provide Us With Antioxidants And Phytochemicals Or Plant Nutrients Like Resveratrol, Anthocyanin, And Lycopene, To Name A Few, That Have Been Shown (Some More Than Others) To Be Beneficial For Skin Health, Collagen Production, And May Even Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer (Though, For That, Staying Out Of The Sun Is Still The Best Choice).

What’s More: The High Water Content Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, Fiber In Whole Grains, And The Healthy Fats Of Legumes, Nuts, And Seeds All Promote Healthy Skin By Keeping Us Hydrated And Providing The Essential Nutrients That Our Bodies Need.

Eating Heaping Platefuls Of Produce, Healthy Plant-Based Fats (Including Olive Oil, Avocado, Nuts, And Seeds), And Plant-Based Proteins (Including Legumes, Soy, And Protein-Rich Grains Like Quinoa, Farro, And Bulgur) Makes It Easier To Maintain Your Weight And Lose Excess Weight In A Healthy Way That Doesn’t Involve Strict Calorie-Cutting.

The Best Way To Ease Into It Is To Begin With Some Easy-To-Make Substitutions.

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Here Are A Few Examples:

  • Forget The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups And Grab A Peanut Butter Protein ZENERGYBAR
  • Swap Out A Conventional Brownie With A Cacao Brownie Boost ZENERGYBAR
  • Skip The Added Sugar And Milk In Traditional Cookie Dough For A Cookie Dough Clarity ZENERGYBAR
  • Leave The Eggs Behind In Your Grandma’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe And Eat Our Superfood Strength ZENERGYBAR You’ll Even Get Little Taste Of Tart Cherry.
  • Most Importantly, Just Start Somewhere And Have Fun With It! Be Open To Trying New Fruits, Vegetables, And Whole Grains. You Might Just Be Surprised At How Much You Like The Various Textures, Tastes, And Colors You Find. You Might Also Be Pleasantly Surprised By How You Look And Feel!
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