Zenergy Bar Voice Experience With CEO Gabriella Gordillo of Zenergy Bar & Noelle Carvey @rebelgirlyogi

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Gabriella Gordillo of Zenergy Bar talks with Noelle Carvey yoga influencer in San Francisco in another episode of the Zenergy Bar Voice Experience and takes a deeper looking into meaningful topics that align with the brand like Health, Wellness, Self Awareness & Motherhood. This one hour episode dives into who Noelle Carvey is and how she got started on her journey as a yoga instructor. Having close ties to the brand she talks about Zenergy Bar how the brand aligns with her values and how these healthy plant based bars are important to our health and wellness. We get to learn more about Gabriella Gordill CEO of Zenergy Bar and her journey starting these products as well as her take on the topics discussed.

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